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Pet Grooming Glove

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Keeping your dog’s or cat’s coat brushed regularly is important for their overall health. This slip-on Pet Grooming Glove makes it easier and more efficient than ever before! Absolutely perfect for long-haired or short and curly haired dogs and cats.

With enhanced 180 silicone grooming tipsmimics the touch of your hand for a soft and relaxing massage. The flexible, five-finger design allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like tail or face, brushing away dirt, dander and loose hair.


  • Gentle Massage: Mimics the touch of your hand for a massage, includes 180 soft silicone tips to groom with ease.
  • The hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw away hair after dog and cat grooming.
  • Keep your house clean by minimizing cat and dog shedding.
  • Great pet hair remover for all sizes and breeds.



  • Package Includes: 1 x Pet Grooming Glove
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: Approx. 7 x 9 inches / 17 x 23 cm