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Transformers Optimus Prime Automorph Remote Control Model

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After two years of research and development, remote control transformation of optimus prime is now available for mass production.

This is the perfect gift for transformers fans! Optimus prime is always the perfect leader in people's hearts. Justice, love and peace are the most cherished qualities. Kids will love it too!

Our leader Optimus prime has been implanted with the latest auto control chip that allows us to manipulate him to switch from human combat mode to auto mode. This technology from development to mass production after two years of unremitting efforts of our team, for the leader optimus prime, coded a more efficient transformation program.

Optimus prime goes into car mode and can be controlled with the remote control like a remote control truck!


  • PRODUCT NAME: Optimus Prime
  • HEIGHT: About 31 cm
  • FEATURES: Automatic deformation, free switching combat mode, and auto mode. It can be controlled by remote control.