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Easy Crepe Maker

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Create crepes and other sweet treats easily with this Easy Crepe Maker!

This kitchen gadget features a unique design that's different than most crepe pans. It makes cooking thin and fragile pancakes a breeze for you.

Purchasing one will give you a set to cook your favorite meals and snacks! Make cooking fun and exciting with this crepe maker!



  • Food-Grade Non-Stick Pan
    The pan's surface is made from a food-grade material with a non-stick coating to make it safe and easy to use.

  • Fast Heating with Temperature Control
    Turning it on automatically heats it up within seconds! The holes at the bottom offer heat dissipation to cool it down as quickly as possible.

  • Easy Operation
    Cooking shouldn't be complicated. In this gadget, all you need is one button to do everything.

  • Suitable For Different Dishes
    It's not just for making crepes. Use your creativity and make tacos, blintzes, and more!


  • Materials: Plastic, Aluminum

  • Power: 600W

  • Voltage: 200V / 50Hz

  • Dimensions: 16.1in x 7.9in x 2in

  • Weight: 1028g



  • 1 x Easy Crepe Maker

  • 1 x Batter Basin

  • 1 x Whisk