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Car Seat Headrest Pillow,Head Neck Support Detachable, Premium Seat Head Pillow, 360 Degree Adjustable Both Sides Travel Sleeping Cushion for Kid Adults

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Especially designed for people who need to rest during road trips

  • Traveling by car, you may lack stable support when you sleep and cause neck soreness without car headrest pillow.
  • Now our car headrest pillow can help you solve these problems to have a good rest through the trip.

Protect Your Spine And Enjoy A Nice Trip

  • The car headrest pillow adopts an adjustable design, and the adjustable angle is 360°, which can be used by adults and children.
  • Car Headrest pillow is easy to install without any tools, but can only be used with cars with plungers.
  • Durable bracket and soft memory foam provide you with a comfortable and secure experience.


  • 360° rotatable pillow: The car seat headrest pillow on both sides can be rotated 360 degrees, which can be adjusted to the most suitable position according to your height. If you don’t need it, you can rotate the pillow to save space. Memory foam pillows can help you fall asleep better in a comfortable posture and prevent spine and head pain. Suitable for adults, elderly, children and children over 4 years old.
  • Headrest for most car seats: This car seat neck support pillow is suitable for removable sockets, and is suitable for most car seats with headrest rods. Please ensure that the internal width between the two rods is 6.5cm--18cm ( 2.5inch--7inch) within. Unique appearance patent, curved ergonomic design, provide good care for your family, friends or passengers, and let you have a more comfortable and relaxing experience in the car.
  • Environmental friendly materials and safety certification: The car headrest neck pillow uses high-density PVC car-specific leather and a built-in 4CM thick memory foam pad to provide a soft touch and high-end feeling. The crossbar of the car pillow is made of stable and safe ABS material. The car travel pillow has passed the authoritative safety test in the United States, allowing you to enjoy a safe and pleasant trip during the journey.
  • Simple Installation Without Screwdriver: New upgraded car pillow make it easy to installation without screwdriver, even a teens can do it with 3 steps: Put on rubber slot gaskets , fix back cover on the headrest bar with 3 screws by hand firmly; Buckle up 2 side cushion. Please refer to the video or picture for the simple install procedures..
  • New Innovated Neck Support Pillow For Car:Most People easy fall asleep in car on their journey or traffic stuck, especially the kids, easy to hit their head against the window in sudden turn. The neck easy to strain and get shoulder pain by prolonged bending. No worry now! Our new car pillow was born to solves these problems, provide both side safe and comfort support, the angle it forms with your U shape car headrest makes it a great corner to sleep upright and comfortable.
  • Designed for travel: This car headrest neck support pillow is a universal product suitable for adults and children; when your relatives, children and friends are on a business trip, they can take care of your neck to prevent neck pain and make Travel is more comfortable.


  • Select the appropriate pair of rubber plugs, then install them on the metal poles of the car headrest to the left and right respectively
  • Insert the A end of the mounting rod into the B end , and hook the metal rod to the headrest of the car firmly
  • Install the left and right wings on both ends of the headrest bracket and tighten the plastic screw cap
  • After installation, the middle distance between the left and right headrest brackets is within 1.2in . If it exceeds 1.2in, please adjust the mounting hook to both ends.


    Package Including: 1*Pillow