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2020 Bicycle Duck Bell

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Quack quack! I'm Huey, and I'm here to keep you safe on your bike in style. Whether you commute to school, work, the gym or just like a casual ride - I'm here to be there with you, every pedal of the way.


Press me and I will illuminate, squeeze me and I will make a noise! Pedal faster and see my propeller whizz in the wind!

I come in 9 different styles to suit your mood or preference, and to keep your bike looking fresh for when you're cruising down the street.


What's my job? Well, not only will I keep your style fresh, I will keep you safe on those darker rides around your area!

- Need a pedestrian to move?

Squeeze me!

- Hard to see in the dark?

Press me!

- Want to impress everyone you pass?

Own a Huey!

What the duck are you waiting for? Make cycling fun again whilst staying safe at the same time!How could you resist not getting your very own Huey?!